There are five fundamental columns to consider the main columns to keep a healthy aging

  1. Exercise: By exercise I don’t mean spending an hour a day in the gym, but being active for a couple of hours, doing chores or walking
  2. Diet: simple tips: avoid sugary drinks and in general sugar Limit sodium intake to Avoid processed food, processed meat such as hotdog or sausage, limit red meat after checking your TMAO level, take more leafy green vegetables, healthy fat from olive, avocado, fish, Intermittent Fasting might even reverse the aging process in some degree
  3. Sleep: sleep between 6-8 hours per night, avoid napping if it makes it hard to sleep at night, avoid sleeping more than 9 hours or less than 5 hours per night. Night sleep is very essential, if you have night shifts, try to change it if possible.
  4. Stress: limit stress when possible or learn how to manage the stress that you have to deal with Social life/ healthy hobbies
  5. Meditation: research shows people who meditate on a regular basis, have a younger biological age.


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