These pricing valid through 6/30/24
Treatment Members Non-members 
PRP $400 per session, package of 4$500 per session
prf $496 per session, package of 2 $620 per session
prf+exosome $784 per session, package of 2$980 per session
EZ gel $700 per session, package of 2$1000
Botox $8/u , package of 3 treatments$10/unit 
Dysport $3.5/u package of 3 treatments$4.5/u 
Xeomin $8/u package of 3 treatments$10/u 
Daxxify $8/u package of 3 treatments$10/u 
Co2 mask 100 per session, package of 4$200 
Kybella $500 /vial , package of 3 vials $600/vial 
RHA $346.3.50/syringe  package of 3$495/syringe
Revanesse $550 /syringe 
Radiesse and HDR$650 per syringe, 3 treatment once a month$800 per syringe
Fotona laser treatment:
4D facelift Fotona  package of 3$1190/session, minimum 3  $1400/session
7D facelift ( 4D plus: smootheye, vector  lift ( eyebrow lift)  and liplase Fotona  package of 3$1500 /session, minimum 3 sessions$2000 per session
Vector lift( eyebrow lift)   $420 /session, minimum 3 sessions  $700 /session
vector lift and smootheye$600 per session, minimum 3 sessions$900 /session
Intraoral treatment,  Fotona $300 per session , package of 3$400 per session 
Full Ablative face $2000 per session
Fractional peel Fotona $975/session, minimum 3 sessions  $1500/ session
Liplase Fotona $300 per session,  minimum 4 sessions $400 per session
Neck tightening  Fotona$990 per session  ,minimum 3  sessions$1500 per session 
Hand rejuvenation$600 both hands/session, minimum 3$700 both hands /session
T Runner Face OR Neck
Tightening, no downtime
$1000 per session, minimum 3 sessions$1500 per session
T Runner body
Tightening, no downtime"
$100 per treatment area of 8x8 cm, minimum 3 sessions. $200 per treatment area of 8x8 cm
Tight sculpting $300 / area/session
each 8x8 cm considers one area, 3 sessions
$400 / area/session
each 8x8 cm considers one area, 3 sessions
Linelase ( stretch  marks) Fotona package of 4$990 per session  per treatment area. minimum 4  sessions $1500 per session  per treatment area
Nightlase $350 per tx, minimal 5 tx$700 per treatment
Active Acne $360 per session , package of 6$600 per session 
Active Acne $390 /session, minimum 4 sessions$650 /session
Acne scar $300 /session, minimum 4 sessions$400 /session
Rosacea $300 per session, 4 sessions ( max 20 min)
Scar revision $300 per area, ( up  to 8x8 cm) minimum 3 sessions$400 per area
skin tag$300 up to 10 lesions
Seborrheic Keratosis$300 up to 10 lesions
Vaginal rejuvination/ stress  incontinence $700 /session, minimum 4 sessions$1000 /session
Hairlase $300 /session, minimum 4 sessions  $400 /session
PRP+ Hairlase $600 /session, minimum 4 sessions$900 /session
Endotight face or neck or deollete $2000 per session, 2 sessions $3000 per session
Hyperhidrosisone session $3000
Onychomycosis $400 per session, 2 sessions$500 per session
Pain management $100 per session per area, minimum 8 sessions$150 per session per area
Breast lift$600 per session, minimum of 3 sessions$700 per session

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