Exosomes have become the hottest topic in medical science today, capturing the minds of many. From new screening tests to creating vaccines against different types of cancer to preventing or reversing the process of aging, exosomes hold a promising future, yet most mainstream physicians have no idea what they are.
Google the word “exosome,” and you will get over 3.5 million results.
Exosomes, also known as “extracellular vesicles”, are the cables of communication between cells all over the body, leading different cells to repair and rejuvenate their tissues.
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Those found in the placenta contain growth factors which instruct the fetus to grow and develop. Stem cells from the embryo contain over 300 growth factors, while a middle-age patient has around 100, and this number declines as we age.
Aging process results in fewer stem cells and fewer growth factors in it.
There is an International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV)
and open-access Journal of Extracellular vesicle (JEV), collaboration among scientists from Sweden, USA, Japan, Korea, and China.
Exosomes can be used in a different manner than stem cells, as they don’t have DNA and they are not actually living cells, and most likely no potential to convert to cancer cells. Using fetal exosomes prevents aggravation of the immune system, avoiding complication that often comes with stem cell use.
“Exodx” is one of the pioneers of this field to develop tests to screen for prostate, bladder, colon and breast cancer among many other types of cancers to come.
These tests are used to screen, diagnose as well as monitoring patients with a previously diagnosed cancer.
At Pristine wellness center, as one of the few pioneers in this revolutionary field, we offer “Exosomedx” tests for prostate cancer screening and for all patients who need hormonal optimization with Testosterone using just a urine sample. This test was approved by the FDA, and Medicare covers the cost.
Exosome science is still in its infancy and there is a long way to go in order to implement its use in clinical settings.
At this point in time, there are no FDA approved treatment options in regard to exosomes. There are some clinical trials using exosomes in a therapeutic way such as treatment of Duchene muscular dystrophy. FDA has not approved any Exosome use in a therapeutic setting out of approved clinical trials.
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A poster with information about exo-xom treatment.
” At Pristine Wellness Center we use Exosome Regenerative Complex from Benev company for topical applications along with microneedling during PRF ( PRP facial) to regenerate skin and stop degeneration. These Exosomes are derived from adipose tissue ( mesenchymal stem cells)

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