At Pristine Wellness Center, our board certified physician will take a comprehensive approach to find the root cause of weight gain and try to fix it, instead of temporarily weight loss.
There are many different reasons for weight gain, including but not limited to: low hormonal level in men and women, toxin overload, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes mellitus type II, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, depression, anxiety…
Studies showed repeatedly that rapid weight loss by low calorie diet is not a sustainable way to keep healthy weight . People on the wrong diet, will gain weight in a short time after losing weight. Life style change is the major step toward losing weight and keeping it off.
A woman is measuring her waist with a tape measure.


Are you having hard time losing weight and keep the extra fat out? Are you having the yoyo weight change and tired of starving yourself to look good and feel good in your body? Just limiting your calorie intake and doing exercise is not enough to lose weight and keep it off.
Many weight loss programs cause the yoyo dieting and weight fluctuation because they act as a bandaid and do not go deep into the root cause of being overweight or obese.
Obesity or having some extra pounds may have many treatable causes if we have an appropriate approach.
Hormonal imbalance can happen in any stage of life. Appropriate evaluation and treatment, hormonal optimization can help to achieve ideal weight.
Another factor in patients with extra fat is converting good form of Estrogen to the carcinogen one and increase the risk of breast cancer in men and women. Men can also suffer from Estrogen dominance and have harder time losing weight.
Low testosterone in both men and women can be another cause of fat accumulation and having hard time losing fat and building muscle. Not to mention low sex drive which is also another factor involved in this vicious cycle. In both men and women, hormonal optimization might help with weight extra fat, especially visceral fat.
Other hormones such as thyroid hormones and stress hormone (cortisol) also have essential role in this matter.
Gut microbiota is one of the most common and important factors. Endless studies show that the type of bacteria in your gut has direct effect on your satiety hormone as well as your brain to lead you to eat unhealthy and have craving for certain food. Fungal overgrowth is a long known reason for sugar craving, it can be diagnosed by the stool analysis and treated by anti-fungal medication.

5R approach to gut health is the way to go:

1. Remove the harmful bacteria
2. Replacement of gastric enzymes
3. Reinoculate good bacteria by taking probiotics
4. Repair the wall of the intestine
5. Rebalance by changing life style, healthy eating, regular exercise, restful sleep, and stress management.
Environmental toxins also play a major role in fat accumulation. Being overweight also contributes to storing more heavy metals in your system and suffer from the consequences.
The most troublesome part of fat is the visceral fat which is the reason for inflammation and therefore type two diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
Many recent studies showed direct relationship in between the toxin overload and increased fat composition.

The best way to help our bodies to get rid of the toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis is infra-red sauna. Visit our page dedicated to the benefits of infra-red sauna and how to take a sauna.

A blood test to check for heavy metal toxicity is not the best way of ruling out the toxicity since the body tends to store heavy metals in fat cells. The highest concentration of fat in our body is in the brain. The fact that over 60% of the brain consists of fat, explains the common symptoms of foggy brain, memory loss, poor concentration and many other symptoms with heavy metal overload. In fact, all people who were born before 1980s, had exposure to high lead level via gasoline and painting.
Lead was eliminated from paint and gasoline but still exists in lips sticks and many other cosmetics.
When there is overload of heavy metals in fat tissues, it is extremely hard to lose fat. Many people need chelation to get rid of overload of heavy metals in their body.

A robust exercise prescription after VO2 Max is another way of optimizing your physical activity and losing fat while building muscle and stay happy and healthy.

During this journey, some patient might need extra help with appetite suppressors or HCG injections as well as supplements to control glucose and help with keeping normal flora in the gut. At Pristine Wellness Center, we investigate and rule out or treat different causes of fat accumulation and muscle loss and fix all issues involved in the process of accumulating fat, therefore, you feel better, look better and have a happy and healthy life.

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