Detoxification is the constellation of physiologic and psychological processes by which the body identifies, neutralizes, and eliminates toxic substances, metabolic byproducts, habits, and patterns. Alcohol and other narcotic withdrawal therapies are serious medical conditions requiring close supervision and are not managed by Dr. Izadi. At Pristine wellness center we offer oral chelation to very specific patients with known heavy metal toxicity if other procedures to detoxify them fail. For an increasing number of people living in a more polluted and stressful world, body systems can become overburdened and strained by various contaminants that may lead to health problems.
There are 84,000 chemicals listed by EPA for use in the US and among those, 3,000 chemicals in very high levels. Exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals is inevitable.

In general, these toxins can be identified within the following general categories:

Further, the following social, emotional, and spiritual challenges affect health and wellbeing:

Although too infrequently acknowledged, the body and mind already possess the capacity to handle these challenges. This process of maintaining biological and mental balance is called homeostasis and is done by kidneys, gut, skin, lungs, lymphatics and circulation, mind and brain.
Symptoms that may reflect an overtaxed or dysfunctional detoxification system are vague and nonspecific, but when seen in constellations they suggest a problem with the body’s ability to restore itself. When potentially serious medical conditions have been ruled out by a reasonable allopathic workup, symptoms that may be attributed to a detoxification problem with the body often include the following:
Although convincing scientific data supporting detoxification therapies are lacking, the question for a patient suffering from any of these symptoms remains this: “What can I do to find relief?” Unfortunately, many gimmicky, expensive, unnecessary, and potentially harmful products, programs, and practitioners exaggerate their detoxification claims. In general, patients should avoid dramatic and extreme approaches in favor of reasonable, safe, and health-promoting lifestyle changes that empower patients and avoid dependency and unrealistic expectations

The five basic components of any detoxification program should include the following:

Studies showed that detoxification with chelating agents such as EDTA or DMSA in patients who do not have an overload of toxins can cause more harm and eliminate necessary metal elements such as iron from the body and cause more issues. At pristine wellness center, we use all modalities to detoxify the body but start with the correct diagnosis and then helping the body to eliminate it and in rare cases use chelating agents with close monitoring of the symptoms during active detoxification.
I recommend using infrared sauna every other day for a minimum of 15 min to one hour during the active detoxification phase. Please refer to my video to get the details about correct sauna detoxification.

Sauna removes different toxins including:

1.Toxic metals: Arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury
2. POP ( persistent organic pollutants): PCBs, PBBs, phthalates and its metabolites)( DMP, DEP, DBP, DCHP, DEHP, DINP) perfluorinated compounds ( PFHXS, PFOS, PFOA, PFNA)
3. Solvents and small molecules: methamphetamine, solvents
4. Additional benefits: Increase lipolysis and production of growth factor

Different sources of Xenoestrogens as endocrine disruptors:

1. commercially raised meat and dairy ( contain Bovine growth hormones)
2. Pesticides
3. tap water ( petroleum derivatives along with endless other toxins)
4. paraben ( cosmetics, shampoo, personal care and beauty products) no first pass through the liver and more toxic since directly absorbs through the skin
5. phthalates in plastic containers
6. food additives. MSG , BPA ( especially in canned food)
7. dryer sheets
8. soy protein
9. Oral contraceptives
10. Dioxin
11. Colgate toothpaste. ( contains Triclosan which is an endocrine disruptor)

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