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Longevity program

Dr. Izadi was a center physician at Cenegenics clinic in San Francisco, California until she started her own private practice. She has extensive education, vast knowledge and experience in regard to age management and accepting patients for age management at pristine wellness center in Menlo Park, California. She decided to provide the age management medicine through her private practice in order to make it more affordable to all her patients.
Each patient can choose to have any of these services: whole body MRI, VO2 max ( evaluation of every individual’s capacity in order to make a more precise plan for exercise) whole genome sequencing, specific SNPs based on family history and specific concerns, nutrition evaluation, hormonal optimization, comprehensive lab review which is ordered based on each individual’s condition, reviewing questionnaires regarding risk factors for different diseases of aging and making a plan of action as well as prescription for exercise and hormonal optimization. Dr. Izadi provides a true personalized medicine and individualizes the plan, medications, supplements and herbal medicine based on individual needs…


Dr. Izadi is a certified fitness trainer from International Sport Science Association. She sends her patients to centers to do Vo2 Max in order to evaluate the fitness level and write a prescription for exercise ( personalized plan) based on the parameters provided through Vo2 Max. There are numerous research done to show the benefit of performing Vo2 Max to more precisely design the fitness plan. Dr. Izadi encourages her patients to hire a personal trainer but it would not be absolutely necessary in order to participate the program. Using the prescription for exercise as a guideline as well as different electronic devices to monitor the progress would be sufficient.


What is the reason that still after decades most patients and physicians are afraid of Hormone replacement therapy?
Short answer is lack of knowledge and misinterpretation of the WHI result by healthcare professionals.
WHI is the largest clinical trial in the US.
The multi-million dollar, 20+ year project sponsored by NIH, originally enrolled around 162,000 women 50-79 y/o between 1993-1998. Trial components: Hormonal therapy (HT), diabetes mellitus (DM), Calcium and Vitamin D (CaD) Follow ups in 2005-2010, 2010-2015, continue through 2020 During the WHI project, women were divided into 4 groups, two mains branched on either CEE or combination of CEE and MPA as study groups along with two placebo groups for each branch. We do not use CEE or MPA due to numerous side effects, we use bio- identical Hormones: Estradiol and Progesterone.


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. At Cenegenics, we determine risk factors for cardiovascular diseases by performing various tests for each patient. This includes Carotid Artery Ultrasounds, searching for calcifications and plaque formation, blood tests to check for specific markers, lipid particle profile, finding any genetic predisposing factors for CVD, and, in some cases, doing genetic testing, appropriate hormonal optimization, life-style change and prevention/management of Insulin resistance, visceral obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
Lifestyle changes through nutrition and exercise remains the main cornerstone to prevent/ manage CVD. Hormonal replacement therapy is a very effective way of preventing CVD as I described it in details. +++


Twenty years from now ( as the price keeps dropping to an affordable range and understanding the science of genetics expands) the whole genome sequencing will be a part of the medical record even for unborn babies.
For those of us ( including myself) who do not have that much time to wait and see how all the new innovations become a part of the standard of care, we should take control of our health. Nowadays, most up to date physicians and medical centers are already using genetic testing for different reasons, including the genetic testing to determine each individual’s capabilities ( enzymatic pathways) to metabolize different medications prior to ordering them. The use of genetic information is rapidly expanding in psychiatry, developmental disorders, Alzheimer disease.. When you check your whole genome sequencing, you will get updated information from the data bank regarding your genes as they unfold the secret of life.


Whole body MRI has been used in asymptomatic patients for screening to detect different types of cancer ( renal, adrenal, pancreatic, lung and brain cancer) and atherosclerosis. There were reports of detecting A-V Malformation in the brain ( in many cases if not detected, may rupture and cause death) or aneurysm which rarely cause any symptom prior to rupture.There are many studies showing the benefit of this modality but at this point, it is not a routine approach to be covered by any insurance company. As pioneers in this field, We offer this test to our asymptomatic patients who are here to improve their quality of life. .
Whole Body-MRI is a useful and non-invasive diagnostic tool for the detection of incidental masses in otherwise healthy patients. As much as 5% of patients screened by WB-MRI underwent further surgical or medical treatment. Our study results show that it is a promising method and reveals variety of abnormalities which would have been revealed in a limited fashion with other modalities. “Pol J Radiol. 2016; 81: 407–414”.


Exosomes have become the hottest topic in medical science today, capturing the minds of many. From new screening tests to creating vaccines against different types of cancer to preventing or reversing the process of aging, exosomes hold a promising future, yet most mainstream physicians have no idea what they are.
Google the word “exosome,” and you will get over 3.5 million results.
Exosomes, also known as “extracellular vesicles”, are the cables of communication between cells all over the body, leading different cells to repair and rejuvenate their tissues.

With Dr. Izadi, you can rest assured that your hormone replacement therapy treatment is conducted meticulously, intentionally, and in a manner that values you and your health. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Izadi has the certifications and knowledge to ensure that you are cared for the way you deserve.

At Pristine Wellness Center, Dr. Izadi will work with you so that your treatment is both affordable and effective. With her advanced technology and use of aesthetic medicine, she can help assist you in getting rid of any health problems you have been battling over the years because your overall quality of life is important.

If you are interested in her hormone replacement therapy or any other treatment option in San Ramon, CA; Silicon Valley, CA; or the surrounding areas, contact her today. She will ensure you start the journey to a healthy lifestyle in a holistic and detail-oriented fashion.

What is GlycanAge?

GlycanAge is a biological age test paired with expert advice to help guide your wellness. It determines your biological age by measuring chronic inflammation in your system – which is directly related to your lifestyle. Accuracy of biological age tests is measured in three ways. Are the results relevant for long term health outcomes? Are they reliable with low repeat measurement error? Are they personalised and relevant to me as an individual based on my age, gender and ethnicity?

GlycanAge meets all three criteria. It associates well with prediction of future health conditions and future risk of hospitalisation, performing better than the majority of other ageing clocks and traditional clinical biomarkers.

We place quality and accuracy over profit, performing multiple tests on each sample to ensure your results are the most trustworthy measure of biological age available, with an error margin of less than 1%. Any change in your score is a reflection of a true biological change, not an error margin.

GlycanAge was developed from over 30 years of research, results in 200+ supporting peer review publications and a robust baseline of 200,000 samples from some of the world’s best biobanks with comprehensive representations of different ages, genders and ethnicities.

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