Thoppukaranam or super brain yoga is the yogic squats with specific hand position ( thoppukaranam) when right hand touches the left ear lobe and the left hand touches the right ear lobe, ( more specifically holding the earlobe between the thumb and forefinger with hands crossed in front of the chest) is a specific yoga pose that has a lot of credible research showing it’s beneficial effect in enhancing cognitive function and psychological state. It is thought to kids with ADHD as well. In Indian culture, the elephant- headed deity Ganapati is whorshiped as the remover of obstacles. The squats can be done 18 to 1008 times! In auriculotherapy which I have special training for it, the earlobe represents the whole body in shape of an inverted fetus curled in the womb and the earlobe stands for the head. The result of studies ( PMC4097921), shows that the level of anxiety significantly reduced and increased the state of mindfulness compared to baseline. Picture curtesy of Isha foundation.

Cranberry is a major source of Anthocyanins ( 6 of them) Quercetin( anti colon and breast cancer, adenocarcinoma and leukemia). Benzoic and phenolic acid ( anti-prostate and colon cancer) Oleanolic acid, Ursolic acid ( anti-inflammatory and anti- tumor).Human studies in heart disease and diabetes and anti-cancer effect of Cranberry especially in breast cancer shows therapeutic properties. Apoptosis plays a role in the tumor inhibitory activity of dietary phytochemicals including Resveratrol, Cranberry is a good source of Resveratrol ( Joe et al, 2002). Resveratrol also plays a major role in anti cancer effects of Cranberry. You can make a lot of yummy desserts and salads with Cranberry to enjoy eating it and at the same time fight with disease.


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