Cranberry is a major source of Anthocyanins (6 of them) Quercetin (anti-colon and breast cancer, adenocarcinoma and leukemia). Benzoic and phenolic acid (anti-prostate and colon cancer) Oleanolic acid, Ursolic acid (anti-inflammatory and anti- tumor).

Human studies in heart disease and diabetes and anti-cancer effect of Cranberry especially in breast cancer shows therapeutic properties.

Apoptosis plays a role in the tumor inhibitory activity of dietary phytochemicals including Resveratrol, Cranberry is a good source of Resveratrol (Joe et al, 2002). Resveratrol also plays a major role in anti cancer effects of Cranberry. You can make a lot of yummy desserts and salads with Cranberry to enjoy eating it and at the same time fight with disease.


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