What is the secret of Blue zone longevity?

What is the blue zone” Blue zone areas are the certain geographic areas in the world where people live longer than 100 years and still happy and active. In those areas, most people have a long biologic and health span are almost equal meaning that older ones still enjoy life and not dependent or disabled.
Danish twin study showed that only 20% of life expectancy depends on genetics and 80% is essentially lifestyle and environmental factors.
The initial blue zone areas found in :1. Loma linda, California, 2. Nicoya, costa Rica, 3. Sardinia, Italy 4. Ikaria , Greece, 5. Okinawa, Japan.
In all these blue zone areas, there are some common rules: strong social contact, having a purpose in life, loved ones first, moving every day ( even doing chores in and around the house) stop eating when 80% full, eating small portion in the afternoon and early evening and not eating at night. Somehow they all follow intermittent fasting. Healthy eating, lots of fruits and whole grain, nuts and green vegetables, strong community contact, volunteer work, stress relief, having a good partner in life ( if you do not, move on and get out of the stressful marriage), more happy hour and social gathering, strong family contact. Do your best to eat well, move every day and build good circle of friends to be happy with.
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