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Flawless Glow Secrets with
Fotona Lasers

Join experts as they share cutting-edge techniques and insights into harnessing the power of Fotona lasers for a luminous complexion. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the latest advancements in skincare and achieve a flawless glow from the comfort of your home. 

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Hi, I'm Dr. Izadi

Quadruple Board Certified Physician

I am a quadruple board certified Medical Doctor (MD) with over 25 years of experience in a variety of settings that range from prestigious medical centers, where I have gained experience with cutting edge medical technology and techniques, to war zones intensive care facilities where the stethoscope was my only tool.

Patients share their
story and success

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“Dr. Izadi is knowledgeable and a lovely MD. I am new to her office, but would recommend her. I have seen definite results towards looking better.”

“Dr. Izadi is so caring and professional. She treats her patients like family and gives such safe care. I highly recommend her!”

"I have done many different procedures with Dr. Izadi and I can’t be happier! I’m really impressed by your knowledge methods, and honestly."

An Integrative & Holistic Approach to Medicine

Through Integrative Medicine she learned how to look at each patient as a whole, with their soul and body deeply connected, trying to treat the whole being in order to cure the root cause of the problem. Integrative medicine has much more to offer than traditional approaches, and each patient is treated as an individual with unique needs. Here they will be provided with different modalities to reach optimal health.

Your success
is my success.

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